Nov 28, 2008

FDA finds lead in vitamins

Photo: SXC

The Food and Drug Administration tested vitamins for women and children. The tests revealed that almost all of them contain trace amounts of lead.

Lead is a poisonous metal that can damage nervous connections (especially in young children) and cause blood and brain disorders. It is also known to cause permanent brain damage, limiting IQ, causing behavioral and learning problems and affecting other aspects of development. So it is especially harmful for pregnant women and children.

The FDA vitamin research covered 324 vitamin products. There wasn't lead in four of them. FDA does not consider any of these vitamins unsafe, based on lead content being so small. Me and my husband looked for info how much lead there is in other food just to compare and calculated that in one daily dose of vitamins (depending which one) there could be the same amount of lead than in 1-10 kilograms (about 2-20 pounds) canned vegetables (we just found info easily on canned vegetables for some reason and I guess it depends in how polluted area the vegetables were grown for instance, how much lead they contain).

The test results at FDA website

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