Dec 5, 2008

Ear infections and P.E. tubes

Hi everyone,

Sirpa has already posted lots of helpful information. She has also sent me a great link about ear infections in children that I would like to share.

Unfortunately, our son Dominic, 20 months, has an otitis media in both ears again. I think it is maybe his 8th infection. When he was one week old, he already suffered from an ear infection that was treated with antibiotics. The ENT who saw Dominic yesterday, suggested we should think about inserting P.E tubes as his ear infections are hard to get rid off - we had to try several different antibiotics. I am hesitantant to agree to the procedure but I also don't want him to take antibiotics all the time...

I would appreciate your comments about the placement of P.E. tubes, especially if you or your children have first hand experience with reocurring ear infections and will search the internet for more information during the next days.

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