Dec 7, 2008

The natural christmas tree


I decorated our Christmas tree with mainly natural stuff like in the old days. In the old days they used to decorate the Christmas tree with edible stuff and eat all of it when the Christmas was over. I used organic apples, pine cones from the park, gingerbread and a couple of fair trade ornaments from the Serrv web store. I wanted to get fair trade ornaments but they are expensive so I decided to buy a couple each year and slowly build up my collection in addition some home made ornaments.

I wanted to decorate the tree with newspaper strips like they did in one of my favorite books, The Salvage Sisters' Guide to Finding Style in the Street and Inspiration in the Attic. I tried it but didn't get it to look good. I am still going to make the newspaper wreath from the same book.

I guess the most environmental friendly Christmas tree would be one that you plant later. My husband said he would not dig the hole but I wanted a tree so we got a cut spruce tree. I love it. I love the smell of it. I have never had a plastic tree and I can't imagine having one. I am rather without. Last year we decorated our biggest house plants since we spent the Christmas abroad.

The only problem with the edible ornaments is that it is hard for my little son to keep away from them, he is eating straight from the tree and I have to add more ornaments. But that is fine. I have more apples and tomorrow we will bake more ginger bread.

After one rainy day we had it was so humid that all the ginger bread fell from the tree! They just fell down! I can't believe it. If anyone has good hints about how to harden them against the humidity, let me know.


Monica Crowe said...

Your tree looks so pretty. I like the idea you had to add edible ornaments and am curious about the newspaper decor.

Sirpa said...

Thanks! I can't find the picture in my book online, but if you want to see it and the instructions, I can show you the book.