Mar 9, 2009

Five months without shampoo!

I started the no poo experiment when I started this blog. I am still no poo, haven't used shampoo. I wash my hair with baking soda and rinse with apple cider vinegar (read more from earlier no poo postings) about twice a week. In the beginning I washed more often and I have tried to reduce the amount of BS/ACV washes but my hair gets greasy after 3 days approximately. But it seems fine with the washing, it hasn't gotten dry yet or anything so I am quite happy. If anyone has good tips how to continue from here and become really shampoo free (without my hair being greasy ;)), let me know.


Morgan Ivy said...

Well, it's not shampoo free... But I have been using a bar of Saponified Olive Oil (Vals Veggie Bar) and have Amazing results. I wash about every 3 days aswell. I tried the BS/ACV, but wasn't satisfied.

Sirpa said...

Morgan Ivy, sounds good! Why weren't you satisfied with the BS/ACV?

Morgan Ivy said...

Well, maybe I didn't give it a long enough try, but I really didn't feel like my hair was clean and I missed having a lather.

It was really fun to experiment with, but it didn't feel like it was something I could keep up with.

Im happy with the Olive oil soap, It's simple, and easy to keep in the shower without worrying about the kids disolving it! I get somewhat of a lather, and like I said am only washing twice a week.

I also use the Olive oil soap on my 2month old and it gets rid of the cradle cap!!