Mar 16, 2009

Home made laundry detergent and soap nuts.

Do you make your own laundry detergent? I am almost out and I want to start making my own. Do you have a good recipe? I have been looking for one online. The recipes often contain borax and I am somehow suspicious about it, is it safe to use?

I have been using from time to time the ultimate natural laundry detergent, soap nuts, instead of detergent. The soap nuts are little nuts that you put a little bit crushed in a mesh bag to the laundry machine. You can use them twice. They don't leave really any smell to the laundry but if you are allergic to nuts beware.

I don't think they have worked that well for REALLY dirty laundry though. I use them for laundry that is only a little bit dirty and doesn't have bad stains. I guess then stains need to be treated well before (gall soap for instance is a good natural stain treatment, but it definitively isn't vegan). My friend told me that some of the soap nuts are better than the others, so maybe I just had bad ones. Google "soap nuts" if you want to try them or read more.

From soap nuts you can boil also a soap liquid to clean your hair for instance, I guess it can work for other things too. I tried it but I think I am sticking in my baking soda and vinegar.

But yes, to my original question, can anyone help me with a good natural laundry detergent recipe? Liquid or powder, doesn't matter.


pixiepine said...

I use Maggie's Soap Nuts. I was using some Full Circle organic detergent. I also had a phase with Dr. Bronner's and baking soda. I haven't noticed a big difference with any of them.

Sirpa said...

Pixiepine, thanks! Maybe I will try Maggie's soap nuts then. I like your bike! :)

justme27 said...

I use this recipe for my laundry.

The borax is optional though. I use it- I really want those cloth diapers clean!

Sirpa said...

Thanks! I didn't get cloth diapers completely clean with soap nuts. But again, I don't know if I had good ones, used them right and so on.

pixiepine said...

I don't have diapers at my house, so I'm not sure how great soap nuts would be for those. We have average-dirty laundry and I have cotton menstrual's all been fine thus far. I usually shake the old ones in a jar with a little water, pour that in, and then use the 3-4 nuts in the cotton bag as directed, cold water. I compost the used ones after 3-4 uses. I have only tried Maggie's brand, but I like them :)

Bethany said...

Ha, I was also going to suggest Maggies as they are highly recommended.

Sirpa said...

I made some laundry detergent, but I posted it to my blog, forgot that I had started something about it here too.

I am slowly switching to it from this one since we are moving away from Louisiana. I will write more about that and the new moderator soon!

Sirpa said...

I will have to try Maggie's soap nuts next.

Layla said...

Great discussion!

I just tried washing the cotton menstrual cloth pads (white though) with soap nuts - & it didn't work! (am so frustrated!)
They are still lightly stained - not sure what to do? (just use stain-remover & rewash? - any natural/eco stain removers recommended?)
Washed at hot temperature (90°C) to sterilize (Mum insists), pre-soaked in cold water..

I'd LOOVE to make the soapnuts work!
Do I need to soak the soapnuts first or boil in water to make a stronger conoction?

Please help! :)

Anonymous said...

Menstrual pads should be soaked in plain cold water to get the blood out. Change the water a couple times a day until you're done, and then wash. Boiling will set the stains.

AnastaciaMa said...

Oooo! I love Maggie's Pureland Liquid Soap. It has a nice scent, all natural, from real essential oils of Lavender and Tea tree - not a gross synthetic fragrance. The bottle lasts a pretty long time as well.

AnastaciaMa said...

Another thing about menstrual pads - try using hydrogen peroxide after the cold water if there is still a stain. Then use soap nuts. Best thing ever!