Oct 5, 2008

Experiment: Going shampoo free

My scalp got itchy after moving to US about two years ago. The dermatologist says it is seborrheic dermatitis. The interesting thing is that it gets better when I visit my home in Finland for longer periods. So I have figured it must be caused by the climate (humid!) or water or then I have stress about living so far away from home :)

Either way, I read about going shampoo free (look at this amazing link to learn more!) and I am going to try it now, starting today. I will follow the instructions of the link above and use baking soda (1 tbsp per 1 cup of water) and occasionally apple cider vinegar rinse. I will follow the experiment in this blog.

I think this might make sense since I rarely use shampoo on my son´s hair, who is two. He has quite a lot of hair and even if I hardly ever use baby shampoo to wash it, it feels nice and smells good and the scalp looks good. So going natural in this case might just help. I feel very hopeful.

Do you have any experience or good hints about going shampoo free?


Sirpa said...

If you are still wondering how it could be even possible to go shampoo free, or why to do it, here is another link to read about the subject:


Sirpa said...

After starting my experiment I found that there is a lot of material online about this.


Kaisu said...

Thank you for the tip, sounds great!

Saturnina said...

I used baking soda and vinegar for a while, but I think it left my hair feeling weirdly plasticky. I've mainly been washing it less, and with less harsh stuff. Urtekram's rasul clay shampoo has been rather good and gentle.

Another significant discovery recently has been that increasing the amount of fat in my diet has made my scalp and skin secrete it less, so there's less of a reason to wash it anyway.

seireeni said...

Eipä ole muilla oikein kokeilu täysin onnistunut: http://nopoo.vuodatus.net/

Elina said...

Seireenin postaaman linkin takaa terve! Satuinpa sopivasti puolustautumaan, heh. En menisi tuomitsemaan "kokeiluani" epäonnistuneeksi parin takaiskun jälkeen. Olen edelleen varsin tyytyväinen sampoottomuuteen, vaikka välillä turhauttaakin. Viimeisimpiin ongelmiin on jo ratkaisut kokeilussa.
Tämä vaan vaatii pitkäjänteisyyttä, että löytää ne omalle päälle sopivat pesurytmin ja -aineet, ja hoksaa kuinka kaikki vaikuttaa kaikkeen - toisin kuin sampooaikana :)

Rohkeasti vaan testailemaan!

- E

Sirpa said...

Elina, thanks for the link, your blog has good hints (in Finnish, sorry our American readers ;)). It is great to get readers from Finland too. Natural living doesn´t know borders! I am so happy about our new blog.

Elina said...

No worries, Sirpa. My blog has heaps of links to no poo sites and blogs, both in English and Finnish. Some of them are different to the ones you have here. The no poo community over at livejournal is great.