Oct 14, 2008

No shampoo experiment, day 10: Feels good!

I have now been on no shampoo experiment for 10 days and I really like it. My hair and scalp looks and feels nice and the soreness and itchiness of my scalp has dramatically reduced. I think the shampoo and / or frequent washing was actually causing it.

My hair has not been too oily, maybe a little bit more than usual but it doesn´t look bad. It doesn´t smell or anything like that (maybe a little bit like vinegar for a while after the rinse if I hasn´t managed to wash it out completely).

I have been washing my hair with baking soda (less than 1 tbsp mixed in about a cup of water) every three days and rinsed it with apple cider vinegar mixed with water. I sometimes add some essential oils (thyme, tea tree, chamomille) to the rinse too.

In the days between I wash (if I wash) with water only or with the essential oil or vinegar rinse. If my hair stays like this I don´t think I will ever go back to shampoo again. I think I will try to reduce the baking soda washes too little by little. I will post a picture of the new hair soon, now I don´t think there is any big change yet.

My husband has tried this too and likes it. So right now no-one in my family uses shampoo! :)


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Elina said...

Glad to hear you're liking it. The BS will probably start to dry your hair a little bit too much. I think it's only meant to be a transitional thing. There's heaps of good information and tips on the internet, so be patient.

My blog is in Finnish, but there are quite a few pics there. I have been poo free since April.