Oct 6, 2008

No poo experiment, day 2

Ok, I am not going to report about my hair every day but I found this video from Youtube that I wanted to share with you, it made me laugh.

After hearing on Skype phone about my no shampoo experiment, my mother suggested that I would also add some good oils in my diet to help with the possible dryness of the skin. (She also suggested that I could shave my hair but I think I will still wait before taking such radical measures...) So I started today taking vegan omega capsules (made of black currant seeds instead of fish oil) and decided to eat a few nuts every day.

My scalp feels a little itchy today so I am trying to remind myself why I started this.

1. I don´t like the chemicals in the shampoos. I am afraid they will harm my skin and that they are bad for my health too.
2. The shampoos won´t help the itchiness in my scalp. The medicated shampoos intended to help with the problem make things worse.
3. I have read that my body can produce natural oils that will help to keep my scalp and hair well if I don´t wash them away with shampoo. If this is the case, the shampoos are actually unnecessary.
4. Especially organic/natural shampoos cost a lot of money.

The hair looks and feels good though after baking soda and organic apple cider vinegar wash. Tonight I rinsed it with water and a rinse of essential oils (rosemary, tea tree, chamomille) diluted to water. Tip: The oils mix with water easier if you dilute them first in a little bit of milk (this applies also to adding essential oils added to bath water by the way). I forgot to take a "before" picture to compare for later, but this one is taken 20 hours after the first baking soda / vinegar wash.


justme27 said...

I'm gonna try this!

Sirpa said...

Great, let me know how it goes! I have now been on no poo for 9 days and I love it, my hair feels so nice. I am washing with BS and vinegar rinse still about every 3 days or so.

TaliaSafa said...

I saw a video on YouTube that was different from the one you linked to. It was serious and about a guy who didn't use soap, fragrance, shampoo, or any chemicals on his body. His rule of thumb was, if I don't want to put it in my mouth, than it shouldn't go on my skin. He said it was also important what he put into his body because his body, so he did not smell bad. He used a very small dab of natural shampoo, but did not let rub it into his scalp. He referred to himself as a "Symbiotic". The video was an interview by phone and the whole time the camera was pointing at a blue bar of soap. This is for reference, in case you come across it. I suffer from itchy, dry scalp as well, especially in the winter. I have not suffered from it in a few months.