Oct 9, 2008

Greener Halloween

I just got a marketing e-mail from a web store selling organic stuff. I was about to delete it when I noticed they had good tips for a more sustainable Halloween. I hadn´t even thought about it. We don´t celebrate Halloween in Finland so we are not really accustomed to it. We decided not to participate anyway - at least yet - because we don´t want our son to get used to sugary candies yet.

Green Halloween tips

1. Trick or treat with reusable bags
2. Make the costume yourself (Thrift stores are a great place to find creative costume ideas. And you can donate it back later.)
3. Give eco-friendlier and healthier treats (organic fruit leather, fair trade chocolate, xylitol chewing gum, organic raisins etc.)
4. Walk instead of driving
5. Reuse, donate or recycle party favors

(Original tips from Nubius Organics)

More greener halloween tips from

Do you have good pumpkin recipes? I would like to try to cook pumpkin but I have never tried so I need good healthy recipes.


Elina said...

Pumpkin makes for a delicious puréed soup! Roast pumpkin is also quite nice.

Bethany said...

I keep roasted pureed pumpkin in my freezer to add to soups, cookies, breads, etc.